The Great Pharaoh

The Great Pharaoh 0

The Great Pharaoh 1

The Great Pharaoh 2

Hero Information
Hero Number 20
Damage Type Spell Hero Icon
Area Type Ground Hero Icon
20 Rain of Frogs Fairy Gold x1.1 x1.21
60 Resurrection Fairy Gold x1.1 x1.21
100 Throne of Ra Fairy Gold x1.1 x1.21
200 Hieroglyphs of the Gods Fairy Gold x1.1 x1.21
500 Pharaoh's Wrath Fairy Gold x1.1 x1.21
999 Evolve I
1,000 Slumber Chesterson Gold x1.2 x1.44
1,999 Evolve II
2,000 Cold Plague Chesterson Gold x1.3 x1.69
3,000 Eternal Prision Chesterson Gold x1.4 x1.96
4,000 Cursed Hand Chesterson Gold x1.5 x2.25
6,000 Ancient Plague Chesterson Gold x2 x4
Stage Unlock and Hero Cost
Stages Unlocked
Hero Costs
- Stage? Normal 1.311e21
- Stage? Evolve 1 8.18e056
- Stage? Evolve 2 1.48e226
- 18,600 Ascended 4.00e1273
- 19,000 Asc. Evolve 1 6.24e1310
- 1.05e1345 Asc. Evolve 2 19,600


"​The Great Pharaoh is a wise and powerful immortal who only awakens once every 200 years. A firm but kind leader, he lives amongst his people as one of their own for a century before resting once again.

When the Pharaoh awoke this time around, he was shocked to find that the city he rested in had been completely abandoned. He found himself as a ruler without any subjects, in a land in no need of rule. In the city, streets and buildings were torn asunder, as if a great battle had taken place, and houses were left full of important possessions that its inhabitants were forced to abandon.

The Pharaoh now travels from town to town, city to city, in search of clues that could reunite him with his people. The world he now walks in has lost its kind, gentle nature and turned into a very dangerous and unwelcoming place. At times he fears that it is too late for his people, but still finds the strength to persevere.

His only hope now is to seek an audience with the powerful royals that reside deep within the Sacred Forest."