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This page has a list of all the policies for Tap Titans 2. All users are expected to follow all of these when editing.

User Policies

  • Assume good faith - Always assume an editor had good intentions, unless there is a specific reason not to.
  • Do not delete discussions - Discussions in should not be deleted, instead, they should be archived. This includes talk pages and The Council.
  • Be Bold! - If you believe that your edit will help, do it!
  • User treatment Policy - There is a person behind that computer.
  • User block policy - Blocking is the means by which an administrator prevents a user account or IP address/range from editing the Tap Titans 2 Wiki.
  • All editors are equal - All editors have an equal right to edit the information on the wiki.
  • Plagiarism - Do not copy and paste stuff from one web source to another, unless it is sourced. The Tap Titans 2 wikia strives to have original content. In the past it was like that, if you see a page that was copied from somewhere, please go on an admin's talk page to get it corrected.

Page and File Policies

  • Images and media policy - All images should be uploaded as a .png format only.
  • Style Guide - The preferred way to writing an article. If every article is written the same way, it makes it much easier to read.
  • Neutral point of view - All Tap Titans 2 Wiki articles should be written from a neutral point of view.

Community Policies