Sword Master's Story

Top tabs

Account Icon: This will allow you to link your account to either an email address or Facebook.

Skill Tree Icon : This opens up the Skill Tree menu where you can allocate your skill points.

Achievements Icon : This is the list of achievements that you can complete to gain some diamonds.

Inbox Icon : The message center from either GameHive or your clan, if you have one.


Your Sword Master's level and damage is displayed here. The max bonus stops at level 12,500 for a x1000 bonus.

Active Skills

Active skills have a maximum level of 20.

Skill Name Level Unlocked Effect
Heavenly Strike Heavenly Strike 100 Deals a burst of damage, with the ability to splash through monsters.
Deadly Strike Deadly Strike 150 A chance to deal high damage per click.
Hand of Midas Hand of Midas 200 A pot of gold appears in the top right on each monster, kill the monster to obtain the gold that is increased with this skill. Heavily increases the hold amount on bosses that end in 5 or 0.
Fire Sword Fire Sword 250 Tap damage is increased.
War Cry War Cry 300 Increases all of your heroes damage and attack speed.
Shadow Clone Shadow Clone 350 Deals automatic tap damage every second.

Intimidating Presence

A passive skill that allows you to kill less titans per stage, depending on how many total skill points you have. Every time you have enough skill points, you can "buy" this skill, which does not deduct any skillpoints, to give you 1 less titan a stage.

Skill Points required for IP by level chart.


Image Name Description Cost
Power of Swiping
Power of Swiping Swipe to attack at max speed for 12 hours. 80
Adrenaline Rush
Adrenaline Rush Get x5 damage on all attacks and increase your maximum Titan kill rate for 12 hours. 100
Make It Rain
Make it Rain Receive {x} Gold. 100
Mana Potion
Mana Potion Refill your mana pool. 100
Doom Allow Sword Master to embrace the darkness, instantly killing any Titan. 100
Clan Crate
Clan Crate Launch a crate full of gold for you and your clan members. You get {x} gold. 500


Prestige Screen

Prestiging allows you to give up your current run, resetting your stage back to either level 1 (without clan) or depending on your clan quest, you have a better starting stage. You keep your pets, artifacts, hero weapon upgrades, skill tree progress, equipment and perks. Really, the only thing that gets reset is your stage progression. You will gain relics in return, enabling you to unlock more artifacts and level them up.

Unlocks at Level 500.