Tap Titans 2 Wiki


The skill tree has four primary classes. Knight (tap and pet damage), Warlord (hero and clans ship damage), Sorcerer, (mana recovery and shadow clone skill) and Rogue (deadly strike skill and progression).


Skills have to be unlocked in order, from top to bottom, and also require a certain amount of skill points needed in the previous skill to continue on.

The skill tree gives various effects to your pets, heroes, skills, and character. A skill point is awarded every 50 levels starting from 50 as a first time bonus for reaching that level. At levels 50, 550 and every 500 levels thereafter (1050, 1550, 2050, etc.), you receive one skill point immediately, but for the rest, you will have to prestige to receive them once you've reached a stage that's a multiple of 50. Like equipment, you only get a skill point the first time you reach that stage.

Ways to obtain skill points are:

  • As a tournament reward.
  • From week two of weekly rewards.
  • From Titan Chests


Knight's Valor.png
Knight's Valor
Tap Damage
Chivalric Order.png
Chivalric Order
Pet Evolution.png
Pet Evolution
Heart of Midas.png
Heart of Midas
Tap Damage from Heroes Pet Damage
Required Taps
Boss Gold
Heart of Midas Cooldown
Cleaving Strike.png
Cleaving Strike
Summon Inferno.png
Summon Inferno
Lightning Burst.png
Lightning Burst
Maximum Critical Damage
Critical Chance Penalty
Fire Sword Damage
Fire Sword Duration
Pet Damage Per Burst
Maximum Splash Count
Barbaric Fury.png
Barbaric Fury
Flash Zip.png
Flash Zip
Active Tap Damage
Bonus Taps Per Second
Charged Pet Damage
Pet Skill Cooldowns


Master Commander.png
Master Commander

All Hero Damage

Spoils of War.png
Spoils of War
Heroic Might.png
Heroic Might
Aerial Assault.png
Aerial Assault
Chesterson Gold
Chesterson Chance
War Cry Damage
Inspired Hero Count
Clan Based Damage
Clan Ship Splash Count
Tactical Insight.png
Tactical Insight
Searing Light.png
Searing Light
Coordinated Offensive.png
Coordinated Offensive

Hero Skills: Multiplicative
Hero Skills: Additive

Inspired Damage Amplify
War Cry Duration

Active All Hero Damage

Astral Awakening.png
Astral Awakening
Anchoring Shot.png
Anchoring Shot
All Hero Damage Per Tap

Stun Damage
Stun Duration


Limit Break.png
Limit Break

Mana Capacity

Mana Regeneration

Midas Ultimate.png
Midas Ultimate
Angelic Radiance.png
Angelic Radiance
Phantom Vengeance.png
Phantom Vengeance

Hand of Midas Gold

Fairy Gold

Heavenly Strike Damage

Heavenly Strike Splash Skip

Shadow Clone Damage

Attacks Per Second

Fairy Charm.png
Fairy Charm
Mana Siphon.png
Mana Siphon
Eternal Darkness.png
Eternal Darkness

Multiple Fairy Chance

Spawn Cooldown

Recover Mana Capacity

Shadow Clone Duration

Shadow Clone Splash Skip

Manni Mana.png
Manni Mana
Lightning Strike.png
Lightning Strike
Dimensional Shift.png
Dimensional Shift

Mana Replenished

Titan Health Reduction

Lightning Damage Efficiency

Primary Active Skill Effects

Active Skill Duration


Master Thief.png
Master Thief
All Gold
Inactive Gold
Summon Dagger.png
Summon Dagger
Deadly Strike Damage
Deadly Strike Duration
Dagger Damage Multi-Spawn Count
Multi-Spawn Chance
Stroke of Luck.png
Stroke of Luck
Poison Edge.png
Poison Edge
Companion Deadly Strike Damage
1000x Gold Chance
Dagger Poison Boost
Dagger Count
Cloaked Skip Chance
Cloaked Stages
Forbidden Contract.png
Forbidden Contract
Dagger Storm.png
Dagger Storm
Deadly Focus.png
Deadly Focus
Forbidden Contract Damage
Forbidden Contract Mana Cost Per Second
Dagger Splash Skip
Dagger Cooldown
Deadly Strike Boost
Boost Max Count