Image Name Description Diamond Small Notes
Power of Swiping
Power of Swiping Swipe to attack at max speed for 12 hours. 80
  • Longer Swipes: Faster Attacks.
  • Idle touch: Reduced Speed.
  • Works during Clan Quest.
Adrenaline Rush
Adrenaline Rush Get x5 damage on all attacks and increase your maximum Titan kill rate for 12 hours. 100
  • Increased Damage.
  • Titan Spawn Rate Increase.
Make It Rain
Make it Rain Receive {x} Gold. 100
  • Gold received dependent on your current stage and max stage.
  • Gold value increased by Stone of Valrunes and Chest of Contentment.
  • Gold value increased depending on armor.
Mana Potion
Mana Potion Refill your mana bar and increase mana gained from all sources by x1.5 for 12 hours. 100
  • Refill mana 100%.
  • Mana regen increased.
Doom Increases damage over time for 12 hours. Damage is increased against each Titan each second for up to 100x damage over 30 seconds. 100
  • Current Titan Insta-killed.
  • Splashes through bosses.
Clan Crate
Clan Crate Launch a crate full of gold for you and your clan members. You get {x} gold. 500
  • Provides enough gold for near Max Stage.
  • Appears on clan ship.