Mina the Priestess of Light

Mina the Priestess of Light 0

Mina the Priestess of Light 1

Mina the Priestess of Light 2

Hero Information
Hero Number 32
Damage Type Spell Hero Icon
Area Type Ground Hero Icon
20 Spiritual Assistance All Damage x1.1 x1.21
60 Orb of Light All Hero Damage x1.1 x1.21
100 Sanctify Melee Hero Damage x1.1 x1.21
200 Heal Ranged Hero Damage x1.1 x1.21
500 Summon Angels Spell Hero Damage x1.1 x1.21
999 Evolve I
1,000 Staff of Hope Tap Damage x1.2 x1.44
1,999 Evolve II
2,000 Cloak All Damage x1.3 x1.69
3,000 Enchantment of Purity All Hero Damage x1.4 x1.96
4,000 Spellbinder All Damage x1.5 x2.25
6,000 Ray of Sickening All Hero Damage x2 x4
Stage Unlock and Hero Cost
Stages Unlocked
Hero Costs
- Stage? Normal 4.58e096
- Stage? Evolve 1 2.86e132
- Stage? Evolve 2 5.17e301
- 28,200 Ascended 4.00e1933
- 28,600 Asc. Evolve 1 6.24e1970
- 29,200 Asc. Evolve 2 1.05e2005


"​Mina the Priestess of Light was an orphan adopted into a family of prestigious light magic practitioners. It was discovered that she has tremendous healing abilities and is able to create impenetrable magical barriers to protect others.

Mina hadn't been the same ever since her dear sister left the village and no matter who she asked, no one had any idea as to where her sister had gone. Months passed and in her sadness one night, Mina slept in her sister's room, comforted by the memories of her.

In the middle of the night, Mina heard a strange sound a loud fluttering of giant wings outside her sister's window. A terrible feeling washed over her. She wanted whatever was outside to come closer, to come inside and be with her. Mina forced these thoughts from her mind and with all the strength in her body, whispered the words of a protective incantation. A huge barrier of light grabbed hold of her and pushed the wretched thing away, retreating it into the darkness of the night. When she finally caught her breath, Mina shuddered at the thought of her sister being drawn out into the night by this evil force. Mina thought of her sister lost outside, surrounded by darkness and all alone. Mina needs to find her dearest sister, before something terrible happens."