Kin the Puffy Beast

Kin the Puffy Beast 0

Kin the Puffy Beast 1

Kin the Puffy Beast 2

Hero Information
Hero Number 29
Damage Type Ranged Hero Icon
Area Type Flying Hero Icon
20 Beast's Trickery Chesterson Gold x1.1 x1.21
60 Hypnotic Chant Chesterson Chance x1.1 x1.21
100 Burning Torpedo Chesterson Gold x1.1 x1.21
200 Surge Chesterson Chance x1.1 x1.21
500 Curse of Wishes Chesterson Gold x1.1 x1.21
999 Evolve I
1,000 Wing Strike Chesterson Chance x1.2 x1.44
1,999 Evolve II
2,000 Devil's Tail Chesterson Gold x1.3 x1.69
3,000 Fallen Dreams Chesterson Chance x1.4 x1.96
4,000 Blinding Flare Chesterson Gold x1.5 x2.25
6,000 Solar Eclipse Chesterson Chance x2 x4
Stage Unlock and Hero Cost
Stages Unlocked
Hero Costs
- Stage? Normal 1.53e061
- Stage? Evolve 1 9.55e096
- Stage? Evolve 2 1.72e266
- 25,800 Ascended 4.00e1768
- 26,200 Asc. Evolve 1 6.24e1810
- 26,800 Asc. Evolve 2 1.05e1840


"​Kin the Puffy Beast is known by many as "The Wish Granter". It listens to hear strongest desires of others and grants their wishes. However, wishes granted by this cute beast come at a price □ with each gift. Kin takes something most precious from the wisher. Kin's conditions for wish-granting include that the wisher be on the brink of death, posess a strong heart, and have something precious that they hold dear. So that it can be taken as payment, of course.

Kin spends his days happily wandering the land in search of people to "help." Kin needs to keep finding people. Keep taking their things. One day it will meet the only other of its kind □ and it cannot come empty-handed. Kin will keep "granting wishes," and someday, meet the Prince again. But Kin is no rush - it will take his time to find his friend. Kin needs more presents for him anyway."