Swords Suits Auras Slashes
Image Name Rarity Set
Feathered Cap.png Feathered Cap Legendary Nimble Hunter

Whiz Kid's Cap.png Whiz Kid's Cap Common None

Silver Mask.png Silver Mask Rare None

Crimson Knight.png Crimson Knight Common None

Cybernetic Visor.png Cybernetic Visor Rare Cybernetic Enhancements

Amazonian Royalty.png Amazonian Royalty Legendary Amazon Princess

Anniversary Helm.png Anniversary Helm Legendary Anniversary Gold

Antlers.png Antlers Event None

Artsy Beret.png Artsy Beret Event The Heartbreaker

Battle Horns.png Battle Horns Rare Viking King

Boom Box Head.png Boom Box Head Common None

Brunette Bombshell.png Brunette Bombshell Event Toxic Slayer

Bushido Headgear.png Bushido Headgear Mythic Fatal Samurai

Captain's Cowl.png Captain's Cowl Legendary Captain Titan

Castle Guard Mask.png Castle Guard Mask Common None

Choir Cap.png Choir Cap Rare Blessed Bishop

Dark Hare Helmet.png Dark Hare Helmet Event None

Dark Knight.png Dark Knight Common None

Devil Helmet.png Devil Helmet Rare None

Dragonplate Helmet.png Dragonplate Helmet Legendary Dragon Slayer

Ears.png Ears Rare None

Elf Hat.png Elf Hat Event None

Everyday Cap.png Everyday Cap Common None

Fancy Plumage.png Fancy Plumage Legendary Noble Fencer

Fedora.png Fedora Legendary None

Feline Helmet.png Feline Helmet Common None

Fenrir's Gaze.png Fenrir's Gaze Legendary The Sly Wolf

Halo.png Halo Common None

Hasty Pigtails.png Hasty Pigtails Event Heartly Queen

Hat of Love.png Hat of Love Event None

Headphones.png Headphones Rare None

Helmet of Eden.png Helmet of Eden Legendary Corrupted Emerald Knight

Hollow Pumpkin.png Hollow Pumpkin Event Scarecrow Jack

Horned Helmet.png Horned Helmet Common None

Hysterical Hairdo.png Hysterical Hairdo Event None

Ice Walker Helmet.png Ice Walker Helmet Common None

Iron Helmet.png Iron Helmet Legendary None

Kitty Hood.png Kitty Hood Common None

Light Bunny Helmet.png Light Bunny Helmet Event Defender of the Egg

Mad Hat.png Mad Hat Legendary None

Mage Hood.png Mage Hood Legendary Defiant Spellslinger

Magnificent Helmet.png Magnificent Helmet Common None

Mega Helmet.png Mega Helmet Legendary None

Ninja Mask.png Ninja Mask Legendary None

Noble Symbols.png Noble Symbols Legendary Eternal Monk

Optimal Helmet.png Optimal Helmet Legendary None

Phantom Hairstyle.png Phantom Hairstyle Rare Phantom Presence

Phrygian Cap.png Phrygian Cap Legendary None

Plated Tricorne.png Plated Tricorne Mythic Treasure Hunter

Platinum Devil.png Platinum Devil Legendary Chained Clockwork

Platinum Helm.png Platinum Helm Legendary Anniversary Platinum

Prodigy Haircut.png Prodigy Haircut Legendary Titan Attacker

Red Blossoms.png Red Blossoms Event Lunar Festival

Red Hat.png Red Hat Rare None

Reinforced Skull.png Reinforced Skull Mythic Ruthless Necromancer

Ribbon.png Ribbon Common None

50px Rockerfellow Beats Event None

Sabertooth Crown.png Sabertooth Crown Mythic Ancient Warrior

Safari Hat.png Safari Hat Common None

Santa.png Santa Event None

Shinobi Wrap.png Shinobi Wrap Legendary Shadow Disciple

Signature Bandana.png Signature Bandana Event The Rockstar

Snowman Head.png Snowman Head Event Snow Master

Soaked Shag.png Soaked Shag Event Surf Strike

Spiked Shell.png Spiked Shell Rare None

The Stranger.png The Stranger Legendary None

Three-eyed Glare.png Three-eyed Glare Rare Midnight Raven

Top Hat.png Top Hat Rare None

Tracker Mask.png Tracker Mask Mythic Dark Predator

Tribal Helmet.png Tribal Helmet Rare None

Trusted Toque.png Trusted Toque Event Sled Season

Tusked Crown.png Tusked Crown Legendary Frost Warden

V.I.S.O.R..png V.I.S.O.R. Mythic Mechanized Sword

Valkyrie Circlet.png Valkyrie Circlet Rare Solar Paragon

White Warrior Helmet.png White Warrior Helmet Common None

Wings of Icarus.png Wings of Icarus Mythic Angelic Guardian

Wizard Hat.png Wizard Hat Common None

Wreathed Curls.png Wreathed Curls Legendary Thundering Deity

Chicken Beanie.png Chicken Beanie Legendary None

50px Helm of Uproar Mythic Ironheart, the Crackling Tiger

50px Dusk Watcher Mythic The Fallen Angel

Ski Goggles.png Ski Goggles Event Chills and Thrills

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