Tap Titans 2

Sword Master

The main character is the Sword Master. You will need to tap on the screen to damage the titans ahead. Starting at level 10, and every 20 levels thereafter, he is given a milestone bonus that is multiplied onto his tap damage. In the beginning, your Sword Master will be the main source of damage.

Active Skills

A new type of skill system is introduced in this game. Skills still have their own individual cooldowns, but you also need mana in order to use them. When you use a skill, the amount of mana that is reduced in indicated by the number near the skill. Mana regenerates slowly overtime. New players begin at a rate of 2 mana a minute. There are ways to increase mana regeneration and these vary from the pet, Fluffers, the Sorcerer skill tree, and Hero abilities.

The skills you get are:

Skill Level Unlocked Effect
Heavenly Strike Heavenly Strike 100 Deals a burst of damage, with the ability to splash through monsters.
Deadly Strike Deadly Strike 150 A chance to deal high damage per click.
Hand of Midas Hand of Midas 200 A pot of gold appears in the top right on each monster, kill the monster to obtain the gold that is increased with this skill. Heavily increases the gold amount on bosses that end in 5 or 0.
Fire Sword Fire Sword 250 Tap damage is increased.
War Cry War Cry 300 Increases all of your heroes damage and attack speed.
Shadow Clone Shadow Clone 350 Deals automatic tap damage every second.

Using skills will cost a lot of mana now, but later on you will be able to unlock artifacts that reduce the mana cost and increase their duration.

Heavenly Strike = Instant Skill.

DS-SC = Duration Skills.


You can hire heroes that will attack automatically. Heroes scale similarly to the sword master: instead of having skills that increase their own damage, they get damage multipliers at first every 20 levels starting from 10. They keep getting these multipliers as long as you level them, but the multipliers are spaced out more the higher you go (eg. every 30 levels, then 40, etc.) Heroes have attack types. There are Melee, Spell, and Ranged heroes and area types, Flying and Ground. There are many multipliers to a single type of heroes' damage. Quite early on, you will find yourself specializing in one of the types of heroes, depending on your equipment and pets. However, at first it is efficient to level all the heroes regardless of their type as there will be certain heroes that are efficient at each stage. More on this in the Strategy section. Heroes also have skills that you can buy when you reach a certain level. The milestones are near the hero themselves. All the heroes' skills affect you globally. They can give gold multipliers, damage multipliers, extra Chesterton and critical chance, and damage for a particular hero type. Most of the skills are worth getting, but some are better than others. Heroes do not get attacked and thus will not die.


Equipment takes a role in TT2. Not only does it change the look of your character, but you also receive bonuses on what type they are. The equipment will scale according to your Max Stage you have unlocked. Equipment drops as soon as you hit stage 55, bosses with blue bars indicate they have equipment as soon as they die. After every 20 stages. Equipment only appears the first time you have reached those stages, they will not appear again. However, you can get equipment by farming them at certain levels, which is random each time you prestige, with a max amount you can achieve each day. Equipment that is dropped by bosses is flung from them and drop down the the right side of your Sword Master, a mini beam of light over the equipment will show you where it is at. Clicking it will give you a random piece based on your MS.

Equipment On Ground

There are 5 types of Equipment Slots available, with 4 sub categories of equipment types.

Type 1 2 3 4
Weapons All Damage All Hero Damage Critical Damage Tap Damage
Helmets Melee Damage Ranged Damage Spell Damage Sword Damage
Chests All Gold Chesterson Gold Boss Gold Stealth Gold
Auras Helmet Primary Boost Sword Primary Boost Slash Primary Boost
Slashes Pet Damage Shadow Clone Damage Clan Ship Damage


Starting at stage 8, as soon as you kill the last non-boss titan, a cutscene will appear. A pet, named Nova, is trapped in a cage by the titan named Kage. This titan will only appear this one time. Pets are very important and everyone is useful. Pets appear next to your Sword Master and when you tap 20 times, it charges them up to attack a titan. The attack is a multiple of your tap damage. Once you reach 200 total pet levels, your pets will attack by themselves every 3 seconds.

Every 500 total pet levels you receive, you receive a +1 to splash skip.

Pets provide active and passive bonuses. Active bonuses are when you have selected your pet and it becomes your main pet. The other pets will gain passive bonuses once they have reached level 5. You will want to start off buying all pets in shop until they are at least level 5 so you can have a minor passive bonus. Next, you will want to buy pets, slowing reaching to level 100, depending on what you need and want is up to you. Reaching level 100 in all pets grants 100% active bonuses. So it does not matter what pet you use as your main, you can consider it cosmetic at this point. Post level 100, every 50 levels your pets will gain a bonus to their total, Fluffers ends at 500, the others 1,000. It is recommended to always buy Fluffers.

Pets are obtained mainly through the egg timer that happens automatically every 4 hours. You can stack a total of two pets before the timer stops. You can also buy pets from the shop, for the cost of diamonds and also get them from tournaments depending on how high you can go.

Special Titans

There are four special titan's in the game, each with their own effects.

Chesterson = Provide gold.

Manni Mana = Restores Mana.

Portar = Up to 50 stage skips. Will not go over Max Stage.

Snap = Halves the stages for 50 stages.


Perks can be used. In the beginning before you do your first prestige, you will be given Power of Swiping free. Make use of it as soon as you get it to make your game a little easier. This will last for 12 hours. More perks can be bought with the use of diamonds. Tournaments and daily rewards will also reward perks as well.


Clans are a very important part of TT2, where you can join a group of up to 50 players. The option to join or create a clan appears once you reach stage 25.Or you can go to the Sword Master tab and go to the clan crate option "Join a Clan" which you can join immediately without waiting until you are at stage 25. Once you join a clan, a ship will appear on your screen. This ship does 10x your hero DPS every 10 seconds. Joining a clan is incredibly important as this ship will help you immensely against bosses. It quite literally doubles your hero DPS. There is also a Clan Boss, which you attack as a clan. You can fight it for 30 seconds every hour, or more often if you spend diamonds. The damage you do is the highest stage you've prestiged at, or 50, whichever is more. Every attack thereafter you are given a damage multiplier which will allow you to damage the boss even more. Once you defeat a clan boss, your clan damage multiplier will increase and a new boss will spawn after 6 hours. The Clan damage multiplier gives you a bonus to all damage which is quite significant. It's important to help kill the clan bosses as much as you can.


The shop has six items which you can purchase with diamonds, and resets daily. It first becomes available once you reach stage 8. Most of the time it will sell pets, of which you can purchase a few levels at a time. Most of your diamonds should be spent on purchasing pets as they're very important.

Equipment will sometimes appear in a few of the 6 slots, equipment should only be bought from the shop if it helps you complete your equipment set, other than that, it is never worth it to buy equipment from the shop. This is due to you being able to push past your max stage, therefore allowing you to gain more equipment via farming and having a chance at giving you a rare item anyway, that may as well surpass the 800 diamond equipment you got from the shop.

Fairy Children and Mama

Every two minutes, a fairy or a group of fairies will fly across the screen several times before disappearing off to the sides. These drops gold and active skills that automatically proc. Sometimes there are ad fairies that will give an even greater bonus if you choose to watch the ad.

Ad fairies only drop certain type of bonuses only obtained by them. These are Hand of Midas active skill, 5 Diamonds and a large bonus of gold.

Then there is the Mama Fairy that appears once per 24 hours, hurry and click her to gain 1 more free perk a day.


Tournaments happen every Sunday and Wednesday, where you are placed into different prize brackets based on your Max Potential Stage, an algorithm that GameHive keeps close to heart. So only guesses on what we could think it is, is only the best bet. 10 to 200 players compete in a tournament, the rewards and sizes depend on how you were placed in the algorithm. Rewards are based on how high you have gotten in the group. Your ultimate goal is to try and strive for rank 1 undisputed for the best rewards.

Skill Tree

The Skill Tree gives various effects to your pets, heroes, skills, and character. A Skill Point every 50 levels starting from 50. At levels 50, 550 and every 500 levels thereafter, you receive one skill point immediately, but for the rest you have to prestige to receive them once you've reached a stage that's a multiple of 50. Like equipment, you only get a Skill Point the first time you reach that stage.

Other ways to obtain Skill Points is:

  • As a Tournament Reward.
  • From week two of Weekly Rewards.
  • From the Daily Deal Shop.


  • What should I use my diamonds on?
    • Salvaging the first few artifacts to either get any A, S, or Book of Shadows.
    • Buying pets in the shop until all pets are at least level 100.
    • Always buy Fluffers, as Fluffers is a constant for mana regeneration.
    • Gold pets and/or damage pets.
    • Buy skill points, these are a must buy.
    • Relics are decent, saves you a prestige.

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