Equipment are wearable items that are dropped by bosses every 20 stages after stage 55. There are 5 types of equipment; Sword, Hat, Chest, Aura and Slash. These equipment change the appearance of your Sword Master, and you can transmogrify your equipment after you beat Stage 1000. Transmorphing equipment is to swap an equipment's cosmetic appearance with the visuals of another equipment you have discovered along your journey while still retaining the exact same bonuses and enhancements, so get creative with your outfit!

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You are able to have 1 type of equipment active at a time, but hold up to 100 total items for later use. There are 5 varieties of equipment; Event, Common, Rare, Legendary, and Mythic. The more rare an item, the higher the bonus it provides given the same level. The exact value that equipment gives is random, but it's roughly based on the equipment level and its rarity. This means that a common piece of equipment will become better than a level 1 Legendary equipment piece at a certain point. It is possible to gain the same piece of equipment more than once, although the bonus it provides will most likely be different.

Because of the limited amount of equipment slots, it is recommended to sell any equipment that provides a worse bonus than the best one you have in that slot. Selling equipment gives 1 diamond for Common and Event, 5 for Rare, 25 for Legendary, and 100 for Mythic meaning equipment is another method to obtain diamonds!

The more rare an item, the higher the bonus it provides given the same level. The exact value that equipment gives is random, but it’s roughly based on the equipment level, rarity, and max stage.

Starting at stage 55, and every 20 levels thereafter, as a first time bonus reaching that stage, a piece of equipment is dropped on the ground. The equipment drops beside your Sword Master. Tap on it to pick it up, and it will appear in the equipment tab. Other ways to obtain equipment is through daily login rewards, tournaments, equipment farming, and through the cash shop.

The rarity of items in order from the most common, to the rarest: 

Event, Common Rare, Legendary, and Mythic.

The more rare an item, the higher the bonus it provides given the same level. The exact value that equipment gives is random, but it is roughly based on the equipment level, rarity, and max stage.


With the introduction of Mythic equipment in version 2.5, which are 4 times stronger than Legendary equipment, there is a new way to obtain equipment, through Equipment Crafting.

Equipment Crafting is done through the "Crafting" window in your Equipment tab, and it requires a special resource called Crafting Shards to craft equipment. Crafting Shards are obtained through Tournaments, Titan Chests, Daily Rewards and Legendary Equipment set bundles that are available every major update.

Every equipment rarity, with the exception of Common equipment, has their own special Equipment sets, which grant special stat bonuses when completed. As long as you had one of the equipment before, it will count towards its respective Equipment set.

Crafting Shard costs for an equipment increase the more equipment you have unlocked towards a set, with no duplicate pieces. There is also a new system called Crafting Power, which increases the effect of your Equipment set bonuses the more Crafting Shards you spend in total, the only exception to this effect increase is the Primary effects of Mythic sets, e.g Angelic Guardian's +8 Maximum Splash Count, and Ancient Warrior's x2 War Cry Companion Attack Rate.

Shard Cost

The order of what you will craft is random, however, you are guaranteed a different piece of the set and never a duplicate. Each time you obtain a new piece, be it from drops or crafted, the shard cost will slightly increase.

Craft Mythic Legendary Rare
1 100 20 5
2 120 24 6
3 140 28 7
4 160 32 8
5 180 36 9
Total 700 140 35

Once you have crafted the entire set, you are allowed to craft any piece you want, each piece will cost the base of the rarity value and does not increase.

Full set crafted
Craft Mythic Legendary Rare
Choose 100 20 5

Crafting Power

As you use your crafting shards, you are gaining power when you reach a Shard Spent milestone. This increases all equipment bonuses by a small amount for every equipment set found in your equipment crafting interface.



  • Heaveny Strike Damage.png Heavenly Strike Damage: Works for Heavenly Strike, otherwise not very useful at all.
  • Deadly Strike Damage.png Deadly Strike Damage: Works for Shadow Clone, Clan Ship, and Pet builds, ensure that you invest in the correct tier 3 Rogue tree skill.
  • Fire Sword Damage.png Fire Sword Damage: Fire Sword is good for Pet, Shadow Clone, and Heavenly Strike builds. It is useless for Clan Ship builds.
  • War Cry Damage.png War Cry Damage: Universally good, most boost from a Clan Ship build. Heavenly Strike, Pet, and Shadow Clone builds get a reduced amount of effectiveness from it.
  • Shadow Clone Damage.png Shadow Clone Damage: Great for Shadow Clone builds, otherwise not very useful at all.


  • All Damage.png All Damage: Great for all builds.
  • Boss Damage.png Boss Damage: Good for every build. The best of the hat enhancements. Bosses are typically much stronger than regular titans, so you'll want as much boss damage as possible to progress past them. Can be prioritized less if you intend on using Durendal Pushing.
  • Non-Boss damage.png Non-Boss Damage: Non-Boss damage isn’t all that useful other than making your times between bosses easier, but it can be nice if you have a decently high level Helheim skull and a weak or non-existent Durendal Sword. Lower priority, but has the same effectiveness for all builds. Can be a good choice if you intend on using Durendal Pushing.
  • Ground Hero Damage.png Ground Hero Damage: Great for ground heroes, useless for flying heroes.
  • Flying Hero Damage.png Flying Hero Damage: Great for flying heroes, useless for ground heroes.


  • Hand of Midas Gold.png Hand of Midas Gold: Universally good, one of the best ones to prioritize.
  • Heart of Midas Gold.png Heart of Midas Gold: Direct multiplier for Heart of Midas builds. Definitely one of the better enhancements if gotten on a Boss Gold or All Gold armor.
  • Perk Gold.png Perk Gold: Useful for anyone who wants to use Make it Rain or Clan Crates at the beginning of their runs to level up their heroes in advance. It doesn’t do a lot by itself though, so it’s not a big priority.
  • Fairy Gold.png Fairy Gold: Nice to have if you use Fairy Gold for your main gold source, otherwise this is useless. Try to get this one on a Chesterson Gold or All Gold armor.
  • Inactive Gold.png Inactive Gold: Inactive gold is next to useless for all players. If you are missing all the active gold artifacts and have Zakynthos Coin and Khrysos Bowl, you might find a bit of use out of this enhancement. Otherwise, you’ll likely get most of your gold from using Hand of Midas when active.


  • Chesterson Chance.png Chesterson Chance: Good if you use Fairy Gold or Chesterson Gold for your main gold source. If you don’t, this isn’t a big priority.
  • Multiple Fairy Spawn Chance.png Fairy Multi-Spawn Chance: Fairies are great for getting ads and free skills. Great for casting expensive skills with high mana cost. This is a high priority if you are playing Fairy Heavenly Strike, or use Fairy Gold as your main gold source.
  • 10x Chesterson Gold Chance.png Chesterson Gold 10x Chance: Good if you use Fairy Gold or Chesterson Gold for your main gold source. If you don’t, this isn’t a big priority.
  • 10x Boss Gold Chance.png Boss Gold 10x Chance: Good if you use Boss Gold or Heart of Midas for your main gold source. If you don’t, this isn’t a big priority.
  • Manni Mana Chance.png Manni Mana Chance: A utility secondary, and it helps give you mana during a run. If you don’t have skill points invested in the Manni Mana skill from the Sorcerer tree, you will receive 4 mana per Manni you kill. If you do, you get far more mana. Oberon Pendant has made this almost unneeded. Multi-fairy chance will typically give you better returns.


  • Critical Chance.png Critical Chance: Good boost to damage for Clan Ship, Pet, and especially Shadow Clone builds. However, it is entirely useless for Heavenly Strike builds.
  • Deadly Strike Chance.png Deadly Chance: Works for all builds, but you will want to ensure that you invest in the correct tier 3 Rogue tree skill if you are using a Shadow Clone, Clan Ship, or Pet build.
  • Multiple Spawn Chance.png Multi-Spawn Chance:Good way to speed up your runs. Definitely prioritize this if you use Silent March, or if you have a large number of skill points invested in Ambush from the Rogue tree. It is also quite useful if you use Chesterson Gold as your main gold source.
  • Portar Spawn Chance.png Portar Spawn Chance: Should be a high priority on any slash equipment, even if it is on an incorrect slash type or weaker than your main. Portar makes farming much faster, and a slash secondary is the only source of Portar other than Boots of Hermes. Try to get one of these, and use it for as long as you can before swapping back to your actual slash to continue progressing.
  • All Probability Boost.png All Probability Boost: Strong and works with every build. Multiplies all probabilities in your Stats panel, things like Critical Chance, Deadly Chance, Manni Mana Chance, Multi-Spawn Chance, Portar Chance, Mana Siphon Chance, Lightning Strike Chance, etc. Should be seen on legendaries and mythics, because it will also boost your other secondary bonuses from your slash. Portar Chance and All Probability Boost are definitely the most prized of all the slash combinations.

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