The clan icon will normally appear at stage 25, however, scrolling down to the clan crate if you start a brand new account, you can access it via "Join a Clan" on the clan crate.

Clans can be made by anyone at the cost of 400 diamonds. You can adjust the information as well as its: visibility, whether it's private or public and have a stage requirement starting at 0 and going up in increments of 200.

When in a clan you have access bonus damage starting at 10% which can increase by fighting a boss (read below). You also have the ability to purchase a clan crate at the cost of 500 diamonds which provides gold to every clan member.

The clan boss when defeated provides even more bonus damage, however you only deal a set amount of damage per tap to it, this is dependent on your all time Max Stage, with the minimum of 50. It has an extremely large hitpoints bar which you will need to whittle down over time. The max time to kill a boss is 24 hours, otherwise the hitpoints reset and you will have to start anew. This boss can only be fought once per hour or you have the option to use 5 diamonds and do it again instantly. The more members you have in your clan the more damage each person does, they assist you by providing extra hits while you fight the boss and you shouldn't expect to deal much damage to this boss unless you have many members. Attempt to deal as much damage as you can whenever possible as it still gives you an idea of how you would do when you have more members. Although not needed, using the power of swiping will allow you to hit 600 max taps easy. This is the max you can tap on a boss.

Clan Icon. Clan Icon

Titan Boss is ready. Clan Quest Ready


These are the ranks that can be given to members.





Icon Title Description Access to settings
Grand Master Grand Master Leader of clan.


Master Master Second Rank.


Captain Captain Third Rank.


Knight Knight Basic and first rank.


None Recruit Newbie. No roles.