General Info

The clan icon will appear at stage 25.

Icon Description
Clan Icon.png Clan Icon
Clan Quest Ready.png Titan Boss

Joining a clan gives you access to a few nice features within the game. Upon joining a clan you will notice that a clan ship arrives from the top left of the screen. This is your clan ship and it will deal a multiple of hero damage every 8 seconds.

Joining a clan also gives you a clan damage bonus which is an all damage multiplier and you also get access to the advanced start feature which makes it so you start a % of stages ahead of stage 1 based on your max stage and your clans advanced start. Both clan damage and advanced start are based on your clans level which can be increased by completing clan quests. Read more on Clan quests below.

Lastly, you can purchase clan crates, which gives your whole clan some gold and is a great gold source for yourself too.

You can also chat with other clan mates in the clan itself and share builds to help either other out and learned together.

Creating a clan

Clans can be made by anyone at the cost of 400 diamonds. You can adjust the information as well as its visibility, whether it's private or public and have a stage requirement starting at 0 up to as high as the max stage cap. You can only create a clan if you don't currently belong to one. Once you create the clan you will automatically be made the Grand Master.

Join or Recruit

To join a clan, click on the clan icon and click search to show a list of clans available for you to join. The clans listed will be clans around the same level as your current character. If you already know the clan code of another clan you wish to join you an instead input that join that way.

Click here Clan Codes to view clans or create your own for others to join.


While in a clan, the leadership can promote and demote players as they see fit. It is a great tool for showing appreciating for hard work in clans and also to increase the leadership team in your clan.

These are the ranks that can be given to members.

Icon Title Description Access to settings Start clan raid
Grand Master.png Grand Master Leader of clan. Yes Yes
Master.png Master Second Rank. Yes Yes
Captain.png Captain Third Rank. No No
Knight.png Knight Basic and first rank. No No
None Recruit Newbie. No roles. No No

All tiers can promote and demote the tiers below them. (So yes, even your knights can kick your recruits) but can't control others at their own tier. Only Grand Masters and Masters can export CQ data and change the clan password.


Please see Clan Raids for more information.

Other info

If a Grand Master leaves their clan, the GM position is handed onto the next highest tier player (Masters).

If a player in your clan is banned it will show up as a text line similar to when a player is kicked but in the color purple instead.

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