Boomoh Doctor

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Boomoh Doctor 1

Boomoh Doctor 2

Hero Information
Hero Number 21
Damage Type Melee Hero Icon
Area Type Ground Hero Icon
20 Death's Doorstep 10x Gold Chance +0.1% +0.2%
60 Graveyard Apprentice 10x Gold Chance +0.1% +0.2%
100 Enthrall 10x Gold Chance +0.1% +0.2%
200 Blood Blade 10x Gold Chance +0.1% +0.2%
500 Eternal Fear 10x Gold Chance +0.1% +0.2%
999 Evolve I
1,000 Terror Telepathy Boss Gold x1.2 x1.44
1,999 Evolve II
2,000 Poison Fairy Gold x1.3 x1.69
3,000 Acid Scythe Boss Gold x1.4 x1.96
4,000 Rage Pursuit Fairy Gold x1.5 x2.25
6,000 Incinerate Boss Gold x2 x4
Stage Unlock and Hero Cost
Stages Unlocked
Hero Costs
- Stage? Normal 1.96e022
- Stage? Evolve 1 1.23e058
- Stage? Evolve 2 2.22e227
- 19,400 Ascended 4.00e1328
- 19,800 Asc. Evolve 1 6.24e1365
- 20,400 Asc. Evolve 2 1.05e1400


"​Boomoh Doctor awoke one night in a cold sweat, gripping his chest. Grabbing his staff, he gazed out the window of his hut and felt the looming presence of the Old One across the night sky. Made of dust and starlight, the awakening of the Old One meant that terrible evils were roaming the lands.

Boomoh's tribe was created to help the Old One, but as centuries passed, many of the tribe migrated to towns and cities, eventually losing their powers. As one of the few with remaining magical abilities, Boomoh knew that it was now time to leave and fulfill his duties - Boomoh must search for the Old One to help with its fight.

He walked into the next hut and took a long look at his children and grandchildren peacefully sleeping. He did not know how long he would be away from his beloved family but wanted to remember every detail of their faces before embarking on his journey. As the early signs of dawn touched the windows, he gathered his things quietly and left on his search to help the Old One restore peace to the world, while hoping to one day to see the happy faces of his family again."