The Bear Shop is one of the 6 primary menus in Tap Titans 2. It is used to obtain and spend Diamonds on an array of items, including Pets, Equipment, and Chests.


The shop has six Daily Deals which you can purchase with Diamonds. It first becomes available once you reach stage 8. The most common Daily Deals are pets, which come in bundles of 1, 3, or 5.

The next main purpose of the shop is to purchase chests which contain many items useful for progression.

The shop's final section allows you to purchase Diamonds and obtain VIP Status once a player has spent over $100 on gems and special bundles.


Daily Deals

Item Amount Cost (in Diamonds)
Pets 3, 5, 10 90, 150, 300
Legendary Equipment 1 800
Perks 3 240
Hero Weapons 1, 2, 3 200, 400, 600


Chest Cost (in Diamonds)
Wooden Chest 800
Silver Chest 1,300
Titan Chest 4,800
Video Chest Watch 1 video


Diamonds Cost (in USD)
180 1.99
500 4.99
1,200 9.99
3,100 24.99
6,500 49.99
14,000 99.99



  • You do not need to buy $100 worth of items at once to earn VIP status. For example, buying 51 $1.99 purchases, will also grant you VIP.
  • It is strongly recommended to use most gems to purchase pets and specifically avoid equipment because gear will eventually be outclassed, but pets will provide consistent benefits at all stages of the game.
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