Daily Tasks reset every 24 hours, regardless of completion.

Order Image Task Raid Ticket Diamonds
1 Collect 3 Pet Levels.png Collect 3 Pet Levels 1 5
2 Collect Equipment 4 Times.png Collect Equipment 4 Times 1 5
3 Upgrade 1 Artifact.png Upgrade 1 Artifact 1 5
4 Collect Diamond Fairies 1 Times.png Collect Diamond Fairies 1 Time 1 5
5 Prestige 1 Times.png Prestige 1 Time 1 5


Order Image Task
1 Kill X Titans.png Kill X Titans

2 Collect X Gold.png Collect X Gold

3 Unlock X Heroes.png Unlock X Heroes

4 Reach X Heroes DPS.png Reach X Heroes DPS

5 Kill X Bosses.png Kill X Bosses

6 Tap X Times.png Tap X Times

7 Reach X Heroes Level.png Reach X Heroes Level

8 Kill Chesterson X Times.png Kill Chesterson X Times

9 Get X Fairy Presents.png Get X Fairy Presents

10 Use Heavenly Strike X Times.png Use Heavenly Strike X Times

11 Reach Stage X.png Reach Stage X

12 Get X Critical Hits.png Get X Critical Hits

13 Participate in X Tournaments.png Participate in X Tournaments

14 Reach Total Pet Level X.png Reach Total Pet Level X

15 Collect X Equipment.png Collect X Equipment

16 Earn X Skill Points.png Earn X Skill Points

17 Kill Manni Mana X Times.png Kill Manni Mana X Times

18 Prestige X Times.png Prestige X Times

19 Collect X Relics.png Collect X Relics

20 Own X Artifacts.png Own X Artifacts

21 Collect X Hero Weapon Upgrades.png Collect X Hero Weapon Upgrades

22 Use X Perks.png Use X Perks

Daily Rewards

Daily reward logins are obtained through the present icon on the left side of the screen.

Days 1-7 and 8-14 are also known as week 1 and week 2. Once you have reached week 2, you will stay on that week forever until you miss a day. Missing a day will reset you back to the beginning of week one.

Daily week rewards.png

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